Speck and Flint

Well, I went over to the body shop to look at Speck and get my stuff out of him. The front right side of him, along with the wheel is pretty beat up, but that's all. The cop had told me that the guy involved in the accident had more damage to his giant truck than I did to my Smart Car. He was boggled, and so were the folks at the body shop. Since the motor is in the back of the wee car, they believe that he can be repaired, no problem. I won't know for sure until the Nationwide agent goes out to eyeball him. Hopefully, that will be Wednesday. I have no idea how long I'll be without wheels, but at least it's a good bet that Speck will be back with me as soon as possible.

I asked Megs to sketch me an interpretation of Flint based on the cheat sheet. She came up with something brilliant. I can see Cadmus seducing and (maybe) slaughtering him, but I will probably let him live a little longer since I already have a way for him to escape Cadmus' grasp. Anyway, here's the picture of Flint. Sit in awe of Meg Farley!

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