I'll take what's behind door number two, plesae. Yeah, I like the second one best - although they are both good. I like the purity of his voice in the second one and I prefer the goddesses. Can't get too many goddesses.
By the way, can you describe what the Shreikback logo - the red one on this journal entry - is supposed to depict? For the life of me, I can't see any recognizable image in that logo. I've always wanted to ask. So I did.
The design was conceived by an artist who later went on to work in movies (like Fight Club). I have always called it the Everything that Rises Must Converge because of how Bazzer explained it.

•Tell us about the Shriek logo. Whose idea was it and does it have a particular meaning. If so, what?
"It was Al Macdowell’s design –our sympatico Art Person (last seen being head of production design on the Fight Club film –howabouthat?)

I think it was to do with cyclical energy (otherwise known as going round in circles –hmm, be careful what you visualise)"

The "Ask-a-Baz" interview is full of all sorts of interesting tidbits.
Okay, I can see it now. When I tried to decipher it before and looked at it abstractly, I always got the weird impression of a kangaroo juggling two bowling pins. Don't laugh. Bowling pins, on the left? Kanga on the right? Boingy lines along the bottom? But what you said is good too. Funny how the mind works.