Tim Roth Tutorials, Lessons 101 thru 105

Okay, here's the deal. I am going to post just the You Tube versions of these, but also include the links to the You Tube and Vimeo playlists where they are all uploaded. In the event I see a YT video is blocked completely or partially, I will showcase the Vimeo version instead. It'll take up less space like this and it will also save some of my sanity. So that being said, on to the Lessons!


More to come, as I restock my Roth footage. xo
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Regarding the first one - from "Captives". Wow. The chemistry between these two was off the charts. Gotta watch that flick again soon. What number are you shooting for with these tutorials? What do we get when we get through them all? A PhD in Rothianism? Do I get a certificate suitable for framing?
Y'know, that wouldn't be a bad idea, to create something that people could print out. I really may look into that. I have no idea how many of these crazy-ass things I'll end up with. I've been playing with the idea of ending them when I no longer have any material from Rob Roy to make a Tutorial. Waddya think?
I think you have to have an ending point in mind and running out of Rob Roy might be it. Because, you know, he keeps making movies - therefore, theoretically, this could be a lifetime pursuit and I'm sure you would like to feel a sense of completion - a job well done. "Done" being the operative word here. "Tim Roth Tutorials - the Never-Ending Story" is a distinct possibility, otherwise. Then you can get started on my Gary - A Study of Genius Disguised as an Under-rated Thespian (just kidding).

Anyway, a nice little adobe printable certificate declaring one's accomplishment of study via the Tim Roth Tutorials - a Study of Rothian Goodness, would be cool. A little icon of Mr. Orange bleeding on the cement floor would be a nice touch - it being an ending and all. Keep up the good work, darling.