Sith Tin

So Impressed

It seems like every day brings to my door something spectacular that created by what would have been a "nobody" a decade ago. But, thanks to the Internet, the doors of creativity are no longer shut to these intrepid artists and, for that I am very grateful. It is what helped revitalise Shriekback, bringing the artists directly to the fans. It is what kept Joker and Heath's memory alive, thanks to folks like paisley_daze, gunslingaaahhh, Meg Farley, Scott McClure and his Joker Blogs, and acook. It shot much-needed inspiration into the arms of a host of writers and artists hellbent on not letting Darth Maul die. And that is what brings me here today.

When the former nobodies of the world rise up against the creator of their fandom, and essentially take it over despite his protestations, it may be time to start listening. And when they do it so well, it leaves others slack-jawed from watching it, it might actually be time to pass on the crown and sceptre.

Submitted for your approval. First the original song and video, then the one made by the "nobodies."

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Ha, ha, ha! Some people are so bloody brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Made my morning.