Red and black alien

Independence Day

I'm doing something that Aunt Tudi and I did every year for fourteen years without fail. I'm watching the movie Independence Day. What is so shocking is that I have not yet lost my mind from grief. I'm not even crying. It makes me miss Aunt Tudi, yes, but it's a wistful kind of longing. I wish she were here to watch the movie with me, but something tells me that she'd kick my arse if I didn't watch it. We would always cheer when New York and Los Angeles would get blown to smithereens. When Dubya was in the office, we would fantasise that he was in the White House when the aliens vaporised it. Good times, good times.

After making 2012Roland Emmerich said that he would no longer make any more disaster films. Well, I don't guess so. He blew up or froze the entire northern hemisphere. He has repeatedly destroyed New York and Los Angeles. Then in 2012 he destroyed the whole damn world. Once you've eradicated your home world, there's really not much left to blow up, freeze, drown, fry, smother, kick, headbutt, or whip real good. So either Emmerich starts making films that don't include much disaster, or he gives up the cinematic ghost, apologisse to the Earth, and retires to highest peak of the South Pole, which is the only place he hasn't eradicated, to my knowledge.

Okay, I'm signing off for now. Washington DC is about to buy a ticket to the biggest weenie roast on Earth. Holy-fucking-Roswell, Batman!
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Excellent! And I will watch for Bill Pullman and Adam Baldwin! _heehee_

I'd have to agree that 2012 is his disaster movie sign off. Now if he starts making rom coms I guess that would be disaster part 2.