Escape to Witch Mountain

I am watching the first version of this film, the one from 1975. When the movie initially came out, I was eight years old and completely amazed with the story, music, and special effects. It is what inspired me to read the book, and learned about Brown Mountain in NC, the mountain the story was based on. I retrospect, I enjoyed the book more than I did the movie, but the film was very pivotal for me. I became a lover of Romany music because it reminded me of the theme song to Escape to Witch Mountain, and I began to educate myself on the phenomena of all things supernatural. I was already predisposed to be fascinated with the unexplained and the powers of the mind.

Even though I will never forget the benefits this movie has provided me, I must admit that it has not aged well. The music seems a bit trite now, and the movie pretty much butchers Alexander Key's book. I have this DVD, but I doubt I'll watch it that often, unless I'm feeling more nostalgic than is healthy.

In other news, it is going on 7 PM, and it's 16 trillion degrees outside. Kill me now.
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Another thing we have in common. That was one of my absolute FAVE movies growing up. I couldn't decide who I crushed more, Tia or Tony. But having dug it out when my kid was old enough, I have to agree with you, it doesn't age well. I kinda liked Bette Davis in the sequel, tho. She's so camp!
I don't remember much about that movie, but I just had to give you a shout for your icon. I love me some Dark Crystal. And even though I'm generally pretty tolerant about the heat, today was fucking insane levels of heat. Misery, I tell you.