I just got off the phone with a dude at CarMax. I have been approved for pretty much any car I want. But the one I want is this Smart Car.


Actually, that's a lie. The one I really wanted was a black Smartie with a red interior. Hello! Maul! But, that car got sold almost immediately after it showed up on the CarMax website. That one had a little over 33,000 miles on it. This red one, though, has just under 4,000 miles. It's practically new!

I remember the first time I saw a Smart Car. In 2006, falkenna had taken Aunt Tudi and me to Cas Gwent (Chepstow), Wales. While we were there, Aunt Tudi spied this week clown car. We were both amazed by it, and Aunt Tudi actually had me take pictures of it in the event we never saw one again. Happily, it turned out not to be the last time we saw a Smartie. They began popping up in our area around 2009.

Even though we wanted one, Aunt Tudi said it probably wouldn't be too prudent, considering the large amount of groceries we used to get, along with being able to transport the beasties. That really isn't the issue anymore and, although I'd much rather have Aunt Tudi back, even if it meant the two of us had to hitch rides with shady individuals who drive unmarked black cars, I think she'd be happy that I'm able to get one now. I know she'll always be riding right next to me, and in spirit we'll be back in Cas Gwent.

It's just a matter of having the Smartie transferred from Columbia, where it's chillin' at the CarMax down there, and we'll be in business. Hopefully by Monday or Tuesday, I'll be back on the road!
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Oh, I've wanted a Smart Car from the first time I saw them. Impractical to the max with the kids and all, but one day I'll have either a Smart Car or a classic Bug. I've imprinted on tiny. bulbous cars. *Grin*

Yay! Glad you're getting one and I hope driving it is as marvelous as I imagine. :)
I adore Bugs. CarMax has an orange one, but it has almost 90k on it and costs more than the Smartie, so it was completely impractical. I was tempted, though, especially given my Rothian obsession (he played Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs). The Smart Car is much more practical, especially given gas prices, which is probably the reason why we saw so many in Britain.

Do you remember the AC Pacer? It was sort of like a pregnant Gremlin. I always wanted one of those too. We are like the Bulbous Sisters! :)
Just to give you a giggle: if you haven't guessed it by now, my hubby and I are BIG people, "big through the hips, roomy" as Dr. Lecter would say! Looking at a car like the Smarties, the hubby says, "We could get one, but we'd look like parade floats stuffed inside!" (he actually said this about 15 years ago about a friend's Fiesta, but I still haven't stopped laughing!)
oh my hahaha!
Well, I'm by no means small, but I figure it doesn't matter now that I'm here on Earth alone. The anibeasts are all wee, so I'm thinking we'll all do well in the car.
I'm still wondering how many clowns I could fit in there. And that reminds me, I'm thinking of naming the car Napier (for Jack!) Waddya think?
1) :::hugs::: You are NOT alone! DON'T forget that!

2)It's great you're thinking of your fur-children!

3) i say go for it. I'm useless to you at this moment because i would called it something along the lines of dark sprite, horned one or (if you haven't guessed it) Loki!

4) um, i gotta ask a stupid question: does that rankle your wiccan beliefs, me loving on marvel's version of said god of mischief? i feel very silly asking, but I don't wanna' promote a misconception of a deity!
It is good to get the car you always dreamed of having! I know, I have a purple Toyota Tacoma that I love more than one should an inanimate object. Gas prices forced me to get a little Honda, but I had to keep the truck!
I hear Tacomas are excellent trucks. I wouldn't mind having one of them, but I really don't need a truck. If I did, though, I'd definitely try to get a Toyota. Never a Dodge though. Every Chrysler I've ever heard about is a nightmare on rubber.
Smart Cars are just adorable. On of my friends has one and loves it. His vanity plate reads "Schmott" (Girl Genius reference)
I can't wait until I get the call from CarMax that the car has arrived from Columbia. It's not every day you can get a vehicle that weighs less than you. :)
Wheeee! I love it! Am going to look at cars myself today. The Smart Car is too cute, but I wonder if I'd feel like I was driving a roller skate on the interstate?
I always said that as long as I have music, I don't care what I'm driving, that I could put wheels on a stereo, and that'd be fine with me. Apparently these cars have a killer sound system, so I am getting my wish. haha!
Hooray! I am so glad you're getting something so cool and fun! I would love a Smart one day - you'll have to let me know how it handles and how you like it.
We talked my Mom out of a Smartie initially because she was commuting between LaGrange, and Newnan regularly on I-85. Often at night, as she worked 3rd shift. While everyone makes the comment about the Smart being too small to be safe, I know that's not true. They're actually pretty safe for their size, but the idea of her being pancaked by a sleepy trucker was too much to bear. We talker her into a HHR which she loves. Now that she's retired though, once the HHR gets paid off, and begins to show signs of wear, I'll be all for her tooling around in one of those lil things.