Heroes vs. Reality

Apparently, Andy Partridge offended some people online with some, what some considered to be, anti-Semitic jokes. First of all, let me get this out of the way; I am Jewish by birth and heritage. I was raised both with some Jewish and Christian traditions. As I aged, I became closer to the Jewish world-view, since one of Judaism's saying is (and I paraphrase): there are many roads that lead to the same mountain. I felt like I could follow my own light, but still keep my heritage alive. Starhawk, who was incredibly influential in my Pagan life, also identified as a Jewish Pagan.

That being said, Andy Partridge tweeted some Beatles jokes that used Jew-related names. He and three of his Jewish friends came up with them. People got offended.

Now, I'm not one to adhere to or support politically-correct language. It all seems like a load of Doublespeak to me. I don't think Andy meant any harm in what he was typing; rather, it seems more ignorance of American language taboos than anything remotely anti-Semitic. But some people have had their hero-bubble burst.

Andy Partridge is indeed a hero of mine, but (and I'm sure you know what name I'm about to type) Barry Andrews far outshines Partridge's light despite my being acquainted with XTC a good two years before I twigged on to Shriekback. It was heartening to experience getting to talk to (and/or meet) your hero without any sort of bubble being burst. The only bubble that burst with me is B didn't attempt to cut my throat. Otherwise, I have been surprisingly impressed by and justified in Barry's words and actions. It's been seven years since I met him, and I am still just as enamoured of his music and conceptions than I was in 1990. My story is far from what really happens 90% (or more) of the time when fans interact with their long-time heroes. I've been really lucky in that respect.

Now, here, people would probably expect me to say that hero-interaction can ruin you on your heroes. I have found that incorrect so far. Just because someone posts something online doesn't mean they are aware of language constrictions in a totally different country. You have to allow for such things, especially since America is not, despte to modern conception, the center of the universe. You shouldn't have hero-related PTSD just because your hero said something that may be politically incorrect in your country. Allow for some wiggle room here, people!

I don't hold a grudge against Andy Partridge for not knowing about certain verboten words in the US. He is quintessentially English in a small English town with primarily English references. He hasn't toured or come to America in about twenty years, to my knowledge. Such a life like that is bound to be insular at best. Cut the man some slack.

Andy Partridge is a hero of mine regardless of any comments he made. I do not hold such things against a person. Only when they repeatedly show that they are prejudiced against someone do I begin to question their veracity and innocence. Andy Partridge does not fall into that category. Grow some balls, adopt some bullshit filters, and live to see your hero another day.

'Nuff said.
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Unrelated, I sent you a private message. Don't know if LJ is forwarding them or not, I know there were some.....quirks with that for a while.
Yup, just got it. Can't afford to deal with that just now, unfortunately; however, once the third book is out, I'm fully intending to change the situation. Hope I can still loiter around your place if/when that happens!
if this is true why me
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Re: if this is true why me
Nah, I don't mark entries as spam, just hold them until I know they aren't. Very interesting, that experience!