Devil Smidge

A Moment with Smidgen

So, she's sitting on my thigh (and still is), and she's purring and bumping me with her head, so I start petting her. And cat hair starts flying everywhere, sticking to my computer screen, sticking to my face, sticking to the dogs. Let's not even talk about the carpet.

So I say, "Smidgen...the hair, the hair! What's with all the cat hair?"

And she looks at me as if to say, "What other kind of hair would I have, you dumb bitch?"

I shut up and kept petting her like an obedient human.
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There's cat hair tumbleweeds all up in the joint here. Shedding for the million degree summer I guess!
Same here; can't go to bed without Dorian (my grey baby) sleeping next to my head. The entire time I'm thinking of all the fur I'm inhaling while I sleep!
haha, you're lucky! Smidgen sleeps on my face, usually with her asshole right at my nose.