Flint popped into my head and wouldn't let me be, so I started a short story a few days ago with the working title 'Feeding the Tree.' It was my intention to just go ahead and kill him off. Cadmus Pariah was going to use Flint's Blood to baptize the Tree in much the same way he dyed the Landon Dunlevy mask with Faust's Blood. But now, I keep getting these needling thoughts about how to let Flint escape one more time. I can count the the weaker Vampires who have escaped Cadmus' homicidal nature on one hand, and still have fingers left.

I can't justify Flint surviving another encounter with Cadmus, but I'm loath to let him be destroyed. I like Flint, and not because of his anchor. I think he's funny and wicked and sexy and OH SO UNCONCERNED with everything. I like that he has no problem with enjoying the pleasures of the flesh with both females and males. I like that he's a walking thrift store. I dig on his weird phosphorescent eyes.

It's all pretty well pissing me off.
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Sounds like you'd need a pretty awesome story to justify Flint's death. Like the climax of a whole novel.
ACK! I'm not even going there. Another full Cadmus novel might be the thing that eradicates me.
Okay, no novel. But I stand by my statement that Flint's death needs such a venue. So: Flint doesn't die. *grin*

What about stories without Cadmus? Does Flint ever intersect with other vampires?
Everything I have written in the Relics world for the past 22 years has been Cadmus-centric. My world-building was still in its infancy with only three characters developed at length. And the short story collection I'm writing right now revolves around Cadmus' realising various emotions. I've been living with this demon for so long, I am not even certain I could deviate from him now. Sad, neh?
Not certain just yet. ;) There's a host of emotions that Flint may have elicited in the last story ~ surprise, ire, disgust, confusion. Just dunno. I'm not being vague, I really don't know yet. hahaha