The Augury, The Star Gazer, Feeding The Tree, and Gethsymonae

Thanks to the untimely death of my former beloved Dell, all the editing I was doing on The Augury of Gideon is gone and has to be restarted. Thanks to the wonderful Mother Unit, I have a computer on which to begin the editing process again, the Microsoft Office program to allow me to see and make necessary changes, and the file she had created with all her editing suggestions. If she weren't my mom, I'd fall in love with her in a lascivious kind of way.

I lost approximately half of the short story The Star Gazer, so I'll be trying to remember what I had written and hopefully write it all better the second time around.

I also began another Harming Tree-canon short, written in longhand when I had no computer. It's working title is called "Feeding the Tree," and it's kind of a continuation of The Waltham Phantom, seeing the return of Flint. Will he survive another encounter with Cadmus Pariah? I'd like to think he does, but I don't currently see how that would be feasible. We'll see. There's something so fabulously erotic about the Cadmus/Flint pairing, but it's also a tad too unseemly for me, considering their primary anchors. Still though...I'm so tempted to try to keep that going.

And I have not forgotten the tale of Gethsymonae. Honestly, I'm a little leery of trying to open it, as it may not be around to open anymore. If it isn't, I can only hope that I posted what I had written on The Braid here on LJ. If neither brings me joy, I'll have to start the whole megillah over again. And that will make me very sad indeed.
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