My life.... So much YAYness!

So week before last, I was out to get a hamburger because I had no protein in the house and the doctor said PROTEIN, BITCH! As I toodled along, trying to be all bouncy and shite, this oncoming car crossed over the line. I swerved to miss it. It kept on going. I popped onto the shoulder and lost control of the car. I spun out like Vin Diesel on crack. I hit a tree.

I had made one payment on this car.



And it is totalled. And I may have a hairline fracture in a rib, though it's probably just bruising.

Nationwide is paying off the whole loan, or at least most of it. I'm hoping that Carmax will let me take any spillage there might be and add it to a different vehicle. This means my payment will go up and I'll probably lose my TV, but I rarely watch it anyway. If I need noise, I've got movies to keep me warm.

I'm trying to be positive about all this.

But with the cycles of grief that keep bombarding me, along with the fantabulous bout of luck I've been enjoying now for months, it's really rather difficult.

So, in about two weeks' time, I've lost my computer and my car. Next the house will burn down and I'll be struck by lightning.

That last bit is good luck.
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Re: My life...
If the other car had stopped and the driver owned up to their gaffe, yeah, their insurance would cover it. But, as it stands, it is essentially a one car accident, which means I am liable. The policeman who came to the scene totally believed me when I told him what had happened. He said it happens more than I may realise. *sigh* Just getting really tired of this hoo-ha, Mr. O. If the other side of luck is on my side, though, I may be able to get this car: MultiChoice&Rp=R&PP=20&sV=List&Us=14&CD=14+966+240+190+398+15+9&Q=36b6220c-7ab0-40c7-9e05-b1d791f9ad17
Now that would be beyond sweet. Always have I wanted a Smartcar ever since I saw them in England.
Yeah, whatever jackass was driving the other car was probably on something, or had a bench warrant, or no license/no insurance. </p>

Or maybe...they were the protagonist in a Guy Ritchie-style caper, and hitting you made them just late enough that they defaulted on Vinnie the Killer's loan, and the impact sent Pavel Regatti, Vinnie's lieutenant (who was tied up and gagged in their boot), into shock, and your driver opened the lid on an horrible surprise.

About now, he's having the middle fingernail on his left hand torn off with old pliers in a warehouse down in Charleston.

You *have* been having the worst time, though, yeah? Hope you can get everything sorted.

You see? It's your vile imagination that makes me love you so. I can so see that happening to the other guy and, trust me, I'm relishing in the vision.