Marginally Here

I'm sort of back, but not completely. Getting a different car, hopefully. Don't ask. :/ I have a new list of grief support groups and therapists that specialise in grief, so hopefully I'll find somebody. It's ridiculous not to be able to find anyone after 9 freakin' months. Stupide Upstate...

Oh yeah, the hard drive on the old computer is completely destroyed, so the only files I could save were the ones on the hard drive. Hopefully I haven't lost much. If I don't twig on to something I no longer have, then I didn't need it anyway. That's the philosophy I'm gonna have to take, on a account I have no choice.
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Hi Pumpkin!

Glad that you are back (kind of) Sorry to hear about your computer, I had the same problem myself, until I decided to store anything of importance on a USB-memory.

Hope you will find the kind of support that you need.

Best of wishes.

Yours Truly,

Oleander 56
Re: Marginally...
That's pretty much how I've lived my life since 1980 (one thing leads to another and we're all in some strange way connected). It's just all the more evident now that we are more easily accecessible via Internet). :)