Marginally Here

I'm sort of back, but not completely. Getting a different car, hopefully. Don't ask. :/ I have a new list of grief support groups and therapists that specialise in grief, so hopefully I'll find somebody. It's ridiculous not to be able to find anyone after 9 freakin' months. Stupide Upstate...

Oh yeah, the hard drive on the old computer is completely destroyed, so the only files I could save were the ones on the hard drive. Hopefully I haven't lost much. If I don't twig on to something I no longer have, then I didn't need it anyway. That's the philosophy I'm gonna have to take, on a account I have no choice.
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Hi Pumpkin!

Glad that you are back (kind of) Sorry to hear about your computer, I had the same problem myself, until I decided to store anything of importance on a USB-memory.

Hope you will find the kind of support that you need.

Best of wishes.

Yours Truly,

Oleander 56
Re: Marginally...
That's pretty much how I've lived my life since 1980 (one thing leads to another and we're all in some strange way connected). It's just all the more evident now that we are more easily accecessible via Internet). :)
synchronicity is still speaking...
... just thought you might appreciate synchronous moment... feel the love and don't be down and all that sort of good stuff..

Enjoying Peter Blegvad as per Andy Partridge's recommendation...(he's a GENIUS) I am not familiar with his work, but ever since I got "Orpheus" about 7 weeks ago and heard the first tune... the "savannah" and the coyotes' howl, well, the synchronicity has been oozing ever since... not sure why but he talks to me in ways INEFFABLE. ...astral connection. ?

(follow next 3 minutes... fun!)

So tonight I heard of Guy Davenport, mentioned in Mr B's "Numinous Objects and their Manufacture" ( and found in footnotes reference to current thought-stream...

the QUOTE " and poetry from the Renaissance forward have been trying to discover what is alive and what isn't. In science the discovery spanned three centuries, from Gassendi to Niels Bohr, and the answer is that everything is alive." Quote from Guy Davenport... A guy I am not knowing before now, (that I know)

I was DRAWN into attention by Niels Bohr reference... as in the recent past week I have been made aware of Bohr's work being destroyed... blah blah blah... I have been FAN of his physics work for 30 years..(especially quantum physics from almost 100 years ago..) Bohr isn't mentioned EVERY DAY and I've been chattering of him for the last 72 hours (confirmed by hubbie) ...

I began to explore and in seconds was here...

...and I thought of you. Pretty neat huh?

I may have to pick up the book, as I've been in love with the idea for years... you can tell me how many...

He probably was born in the same town as you... knowing how this is playing...

regardless the Numinous Objects link above is cool... if you like that sort of mystery.. super out there..


Re: synchronicity is still speaking...
That's pretty damned nifty. If he is from Asheville, I may just poo.
Feel free to bend my ear or write to me if you wanna chat. While I can't relate to your exact situation, I have had to deal with a lot of grief from close friends and family dying. Hope you are able to get some help.
As for the computer...that does suck. I've learned to keep backups on a regular basis especially after I lost several important files a few years ago due to a computer glitch.
Thank you, sweet pea. I may just take you up on that. I'm feeling a domino effect of troubles right now, so I'm not spending much time at home, and Diane doesn't have Internet. If you want, send me your phone number via email and, when I get it, I'll ring you as soon as I gather up the intestinal fortitude. <3