Here is the news!

Dead Computer

Computer is essentially ruined. It will cost more to get it repaired than it will to get another one. One's on sale at Best Buy for $370+ and it'll cost $99 to get all the files transferred. The Mother Unit is helping me get this done and I'll be paying her back. I'll probably have the loaner for the next couple of days, then there may be another two days where I will be without a computer at all. Hopefully not, but there's sometimes a PayPal delay of 4 or so days, so I'm not holding out for a positive outcome there.  At least the computer issue will be solved this week and the files will be saved, so there's that. I'm just so frustrated right now, I could go out and throttle a granny in front of her grandchildren, and relish doing it. *headslam*

So far, it's been a pretty depressing day.  I've had to bug people I really did not want to ever again, to be honest.  I've gotten crap news about a computer that was really good.  I'm scared to death the transfer of data is going to end up losing me a buttload of music.  The movies I'm not worried about.  The music?  Oh hell yes.  I want to just pour my disappointment and angst here on LJ, and I don't feel comfortably doing stuff like that anymore.  I have no one to talk to, and it's honestly pissing me off to the point of tears.
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"I have no one to talk to, and it's honestly pissing me off to the point of tears."

I have felt like this a lot lately, and I haven't been through half of what you have. We all feel like this.

You can chat with me on FB chat if you like, (YES SERIOUSLY!), although I doubt I'll say anything profound, (other than make fart jokes). I hate to sound like a nosy asshat, but did you mention you were seeing a therapist? If you are, this is a good thing, a lot of folks have needed this type of help, me included!
I have a doctor, and I'm trying to get in touch with a therapist she recommended but, so far, I haven't been successful. Thanks for the offer on FB chat. I have that locked down, but I may change it. :)
I'm still at the same email address, Darling. Emote to your heart's content. I'm always happy to see you pop up in my in-box - no matter what.

Peace and Warm Puppies,
Thank you dahlink. Really not comfortable talking about it, that's the problem. I need to get over myself and just move along, nothing to see here, dig? Blagh! I'll be writing you soonsoon.
Call me sometime
I hate the phone as much as you do, but my number is 336-963-2996, call me when you feel like that. There is nothing that irritates me as much as my computer being broken. Internet is messed up at Mama's so I cannot be online as much as I would like right now. They are coming to fix it on Wednesday. I am at home now using it.