I'm trawling through the decade's worth of posts here on The Cliffs of Insanity and, I swear to god, I'm so tempted to lock this whole thing up. There are so many things I've written that just...well, I don't have the words for it all. Horrified is the only emotion I have at the moment. My proclivity for candor may well have come home to roost. Perhaps it's my recent inclination toward privacy in a way. I feel all jammed up about most everything now, and that's really not a good feeling. But neither is looking back on many of my posts of the past and being pretty much freaked out.
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I hope you decide to not make too many changes here. I have done the same, went back and read some of my stories and was *appalled* at some of them! But you know what? I didn't change anything because that's who I was at the time, that was the story that got the positive feedback and that was how I wanted to write it at the time. Think of your LJ in the same way. Yes, some of your entries may seem negative/intense, etc. to you now, but that's because you've changed; you're not the same person who made those posts. And that's okay! If someone un-friended you or left because of something you posted, well, then they didn't accept you as the person you were at that time. Their loss!
Nah, no one here has been offended by anything I've written here, or at least no one has told me so. I think everything you've written is brilliant.