Flea Market Blues

My computer just stopped working on me while as the Flea Martet today. I susecious moisture could be found nearby. The person watching my table while I went to change, finally addmitted that some kidde has spilt a litte pit of her spite but, surely not to mess up my computer.

I won't even turn on now.

I have an extended warrantely policay. I a mo hopoinh this will take of it and of he key that popped off last week.

If not, I may lose what lttle mind I have left. This is my tenbrous hold on reality. Without it, I doubt I'd be here at all right now.
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so, ok...odd-weird-no-doubt-stalker-ish-but-I've-been-drinking-so-its-all-good-comment-of-the-day....

so wish you lived closer. somehow think we'd make excellent drinking buddies. been immersed in childern's B-Day party plans for the past week an ready to crawl in a hole. making a 3-d monster truck cake because I am insane. will send pics. end psuedo-non-twitter communique.huggage. :)
Wish you lived closer too! somebody's gotta help me type on this loner keyboard. I'm typing like some sort of spazz.
That child should've been drawn and quartered, and the parents made to pay. Sorry!
Why so sorry? I feel exactly the same way. Getting used to this new keyboard, so hilarity is in the offing, I am sure!
Oh blaaaarghhh!!! This sucks like a Dyson. Hope you can wrangle the warranty into giving up the goods. They can be tricky but they haven't met you, ha, ha. You can argue a very good case and you will win. Chin up, kiddo.
Your being able to read the above is a testament to your intelligence and reading between lines that scream "this ain't my keyboard so i cain't tyyyyyyypeeeee!' Thank you for that.