The Tim Roth Tutorials, Lessons #87 thru #90

I thought I'd posted Lessons #87 and #88, but apparently not. So here's a whopping four Tutorials.

I was almost convinced to stop these at Lesson 100, but probably won't for a number of reasons, the two main ones being 1) Many of the fans (or Hooligans as they are called by Tim Roth) are clamouring for these not to end and 2) I have way too many more movies that I could probably draw some unintentional hilarity from. Another reason, although not as necessary as it initially was, is making these were and still are, a great tutorial in movie-making, which has immensely helped me to get better at this, in order to represent the Shrieks, Barry Andrews, and Thee Caretakers to the best of my ability. 'Cos, seriously, these Tutorials came into existence as a fluke while I was rabidly trying to gain some sort of skill and hone it just a tad, so I could live up to the promise I'd made to Barry, to make available the Illuminati project.

There were only supposed to be five of these. Obviously, it has gotten out of hand. All that said, I've decided to make every 10th Tutorial from here on out, an Archibald Cunningham Tutorial. Because he was the driving force in creating these crazy things, and he's the first Tim Roth character I ever saw (which is probably why I've had a love affair going on with the man for almost 20 years now.).
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