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Brain Tapeworms...

The horror that is our existence has increased a hundrefold.

Theodore Nash sees only a few dozen patients a year in his clinic at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. That’s pretty small as medical practices go, but what his patients lack in number they make up for in the intensity of their symptoms. Some fall into comas. Some are paralyzed down one side of their body. Others can’t walk a straight line. Still others come to Nash partially blind, or with so much fluid in their brain that they need shunts implanted to relieve the pressure. Some lose the ability to speak; many fall into violent seizures.

More here if you're stupid enough to click, like I did.

Even if you weren't hoping for the Alpaca Lips before, I bet you are now. I'd rather be blown into extinction than to find out I had brainworms.
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I needs to get some brainworms to drop into the auditory canals of some of my former bosses and colleagues
That was the single most horrific scene in any movie I had seen to date (in 1982-3), and I actually don't like watching now.
Hello luve!

Feeling a bit hypocondriac, are we?
Reminds me of a man who went to the local library, and found a medical book, describing the symptoms of various diseases.

After some hours of reading, he did not feel well at all, so he went to his doctor.

The doctor examined him, and wrote a prescription.
He then went to the pharmacist, and handed over the prescription.

The pharmacist smiled, and handed the paper back to the man, with the reply "- I cannot provide this!"

The man then read the paper, that said: Go out and have yourself a nice steady meal, preferably with a pitcher of beer on the side, and NEVER READ ANY MORE MEDICAL BOOKS!

Best of wishes for you!


Oleander 56
Re: Brain....
HAHA! Now we have the Internet to diagnose our perceived life-threatening ailments.