Andy Partridge

I really need to "immortalise" this moment.

  • Me to Partridge: which song of yours is good to waylay darkness when it seems to be all around you? (and I meant the bad kind of darkness, not the kind I usually court)

  • Partridge to Me: Maybe KNIGHTS IN SHINING KHARMA?

  • Me to Partridge (not expecting a response this time, 'cos it was just a thank-you): duly added to my Smudging Playlist. Nothing banishes bad mojo like a cavalry of KNIGHTS. Thank you so much.

  • Partridge to Me: You're welcome, Tracy.

And I then perished.
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Off topic but are you friends with George Takei on Facebook? Did you see his alpacalypse post? I thought of you immediately
You and several others, haha! I'm so proud to be thought of when it comes to the End of All Things. And yes, I follow the fabulous Takei on Facebook. He rocks so hard, it rattles my bones.
I just got around to watching the roast of William Shatner today and Takei was the funniest person on there. That's hard to say when Betty White was also on there.
There's actually a movement to get those two together again. But they may be saving that for the Alpaca Lips.