My Brain Is Officially Mush

I was looking up "cadonkadonk" (don't ask) on Urban Dictionary when I saw the name Cadmus there. I was all "holy hell, why is Cadmus on Urban Dictionary?" I just had to click it. Had to. I wish I hadn't. I really did not need this definition emblazoned across the insides of my eyelids, much less tattooed on my brain. But there it is, and now I just pray for a swift and painless end to it all.

The definitions, in all their glory.

  1. To make sweet sweet loving to a member of the opposite sex.

  2. She was screaming my name in pure ecstasy as we cadmussed all night long.
  3. Super sexin' hawt loving to the max.
    I cadmussed that hot bitch all night!

  4. Crap.
    The car I bought has some serious mechanical issues. It's a real piece of cadmus.

Please please someone just come and kill me now. I'll buy you dinner, before the deed, that is.
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You should just add your own definition. Isn't UD like wikipedia and any idiot can edit that shit?
You could have asked me what cadonkadonk means. I'm Canadian, afterall. Would have saved you the need for brain bleach when you wandered off into the Urban Dictionary. I like UD but like someone else said here, it's sort of a rogue dictionary - a collaborative effort without any true credentials. I've never heard Cadmus used in that manner. And there are way more entries on google that deal with the Greek Hero so Cadmus still maintains his dignity. He does not belong in the same world as "cankles", "wenis" and "pornocchio"