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Death House

Yesterday, I walked into the house after being given five pounds of potatoes by Janice, only to find my Steve lying as if he were relaxing. As is my habit, I lay down in front of him and began whispering sweet nothings in his ear. He didn't respond. I trailed a finger over his ear. Nothing. Then I ran my hand down his body. It was cold and stiff. Rigor was already beginning to set in.

In the few minutes I was gone from the house, my frail and brave feline had lain down on the floor and succumbed to the spirit of death that seems to permeate this house.

So I am now down to four animals.

Steve hit me hard, though. I tried so many things to make sure his health was at least marginal. He was born with feline herpes and was almost blinded by it. He would have outbreaks every few months that demanded antibiotics. In fact, he had just ended a regiment of the medicine only two days before. I knew he wouldn't live as long as the other cats, but to lose him this way was just very sad.

Diane let me come spend the night at her house last night. I may do the same tonight as well.
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Poor Steve and poor you. But you knew that he wasn't going to have the longest of lives and you made darned sure he had the best of it while he was here. He made sure you were out because he wouldn't have wanted to bother you when he left and now he's off chasing mice in the Summerlands.

Thank you for still doing what you can to care for your animals. And I'm glad you've been able to be with others.

Sorry about losing him.
Beautiful Bast giving Life,
Hail Bast, in visible form,
Casting light into the darkness,
I have come before you,
The path is opened,
The earth is at peace.

Lady Bast, accept Your child Steve into Your presence. Heal him, cosset him, make him glad.

::hugs:: and much sympathy...
Echoing all the sentiments expressed so well above. Diane sounds like a stellar friend. We should all be so lucky. Peace.
{{tight hugs}} It's so hard, I know. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

So glad he had you, to tend to his medical needs, to love him, to cosset him, and to give him the best life possible. I hate that you had to find him like that, but judging from your description, it sounds like he knew it was time, he lay down in peace, and was released gently. Bless him and bless you.
I remember when you first talked about Steve. He was ingrained into my mind as Lampshade Steve. Through you I loved him too. I shed tears for Steve and for my guys who've gone on ahead. Sometimes I think about getting another Russian Blue kitten because I miss my Binky very much, except I know it wouldn't be Binky.

I just know how you feel, and I wish I could hug you so hard.