Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #81

I'm posting this one by itself, 'cos it's Tim Roth's birthday Tutorial. His birthday is 14 May, 2012. I know it appears early for this, but he's in France right now for the Cannes Film Festival and it's just past midnight there, so it's officially his birthday. So here we go! paisley_daze, you'll dig this one as it has Gary Oldman in it. ;)

Tim Roth Tutorial, Lesson #81 from Tinhuviel on Vimeo.

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I think you mean May 14, right? Your post says March 14.

Love this movie. The comedic timing between the two of them is perfect.

I think I prefer Vimeo versions here on LJ. For me anyway, the sound is synched better.
yes, dammit, march ~ thanks for catching that. I'm infamous for interchanging those two months. That's one of the reasons why I'm mirroring everything on Vimeo. Some prefer it and You Tube blocks all my Lie to Me tutorials..