Andy Partridge

Every Tweet and an Attempt at Protein

I ran an experiment. I included Partridge in four tweets. He answered all four.

  1. First tweet was about my belief that radiation, even from human-created nuclear incidences, will affect the next step in evolution. Mutation is just another word for evolution. He tweeted back: Interesting theory!

  2. Second tweet was to a couple of Hooligans about the horribledays, saying I was going to drive about carolling Pagan songs by XTC He tweeted all three of us, saying: Taxis work out cheaper I find.

  3. Third tweet was my sending him the link this angry cat picture that I made. He responded with: VERY evil cat, in a planet full of evil cats.

  4. Fourth tweet was about how humanity's knowledge outshines our barely-present wisdom, and how it will result in our extinction. He tweeted back almost immediately: Knowledge without wisdom is useless

Why he's suddenly all chatty with me when he never answered the first couple of tweets I made to him when I first started following him, is beyond me. I'm not complaining, I love Andy Partridge! I'm sure anyone who reads the Cliffs already knows that. I am making a concentrated effort not to gush all over him over there. I think that, if I can refrain from doing that with B, I can certain do it with Andy Partridge. But it's thrilling to see that it seems we are of a same mind about certain things, so that makes me want to go "ohhhmygodandypartridgeiloveyousomuchweneedtodiscussphilosphyreligionandmusiccccc!" So yeah. I'm struggling. I can't help but think about what Aunt Tudi would do if she were here to see me finally make contact with Andy Partridge. She would flail right along with me, 'cos she knew how important Partridge's music has been to me since 1988.

This morning, I got up, fed the beasties, threw some clothes on and dashed out to get milk. I like to get the milk as early in the morning as possible. It's fresher and you have more of a choice as to which gallon you want. After I got the milk and gave George (the resident dog at the dairy) a treat, I went on to Ingles to get some cat food and people food.

When I passed the fish section, I spied something I had not had since 1998, when I had breakfast in a hotel in New York while I was on a business trip; LOX! Remembering the admonitions I got from paisley_daze and janalyson, I decided to get me a wee pack of it. It's not cheap; then again, no fish these days is cheap, so I may as well get something that I love. I toodled on to the dairy aisle and got me a dozen eggs. Eating that many eggs before they go out of date is going to be a challenge, but I'm going to try. If I have any left once they're not safe enough for me, I'll scramble them up and mix them with the dog's food. They're cage free organic eggs, so they last longer than the others. Thicker shells, more healthy insides. Seriously, very good and good for you. I think I got a couple other protein-y things that will last me for more than a week.

Right now, I'm eating bagels with lox and cream cheese. Delicious doesn't even begin to cover it. Here's hoping it gives me a couple of red blood cells.
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Good girl, Angelina! Protein! I had two eggs over easy this morning in a sandwich of toasted sunflower/flax bread with chili sauce. I don't know if chili sauce is the same there but here, it's a sweet chunky tomato sauce. Not hot or spicey at all. Yum.

At least once a week I have tinned salmon (the wild Atlantic kind). I remove the darker skin and bones and serve that part up to my two cats with the broth and watch them orgasm all over the floor. I transform the salmon into a sandwich filling with a touch of Italian dressing and a good amount of mayo and fresh ground pepper. I have it on toast and find it goes down nicely with a cup of fresh, hot, sweet tea. You can add chopped spring onions in as well if you like.

Keep up the good work. You'll be all rosy cheeked before you know it. Instead of looking like a vampire, you'll start attracting them. Put garlic on your shopping list.

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I love lox, too. This weekend, I went on a sushi run and got Jennifer and me some to eat. I bought some with sushi-grade raw salmon, and tuna, which are both delish. And I ate livers this week. If you like chicken livers, that has alot of iron. But I have read time and again, from reliable sources (nursing school, for one)that cooking with a cast iron skillet releases iron into the food. I will try to do better also, we will be so healthy, no one will be able to stand us!