Steve Carell...Dr. Pilch

I saw this trailer last night at the cinema. It was so close after my visit to my gorgeous neurologist Dr. Pilch, I realised that Steve Carell looks like Dr. Pilch. Even dresses like him in this movie.

So that obviously means I think Steve Carell is gorgeous. And I didn't even realise it.

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While there is a resemblence, I find Steve Carell the opposite of attractive. Weak chin maybe. I don't know. Or maybe the characters that he plays. But Pilch is okay. They should replace Steve Carell with Dr. Pilch. Does the good doctor have a sense of humour? Could he play a 40-year-old virgin? Hmmmm?
I think he'd make a fabulous 40-year-old virgin, but only as long as I got to deflower him. ;)