Excellent Excellent Critique on The Raven

Peeples says the filmmakers were on target in showing Poe as being very egotistical and proud of his accomplishments as a writer. He also notes that Cusack did look like Poe and “did as good a job as he could recreating Poe’s character.” Pretty high praise from a leading Poe scholar.

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My opinion of the Raven was, other than I think Jeffrey Combs would have made a better EAP, it really did get inside what we know of the person, and the mystery part of is was rather well handled. Friend of mine figured it out before the grand unveiling, but not too early. 3 out of 4 cawing birds up.

Definitely will add this to my collection when it comes out.
Same here. It was just astounding. And watching it at 11:00 at night just added to the ambiance. May have to go back.