Jeff Lynne

She's So High

When I first heard this song on the radio, my head blew right off my body. I said to myself, "This dude...he's been heavily influenced by Jeff Lynne."

So, while at work one day, I moseyed out to the warehouse and snagged a copy of Tal Bachman's album. In the liner notes, he thanks Jeff Lynne. Now, to my knowledge, Tal never actually met Jeff Lynne (he's the son of Randy Bachman, of BTO fame), but Lynne was enough of an influence on the boy and man, that he felt compelled to thank him in his album. I think he does a pretty impressive job at honouring Mistah Lynne.

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Always liked this song, and yes, there are some very ELO-y parts to it! Another Jeff Lynne afficianado here. :)