I got a call from my neurologist last week wanting me to come in ASAP about my blood work from a few weeks ago. The office made me an appointment for today, and I just got back from seeing him.

It turns out that I'm severely anaemic (again), so much so that he wanted me to go see my PCP as soon as she could get me in. He was giving me a hairy eyeball when he was telling me about my lack of hemoglobin. I could tell that he was fairly alarmed by it all. His exact words were: "It looks more like a major blood loss more that just low hemoglobin. Have you had heavy menses or any major wounds lately?" What the hell?

I did tell him that the time before last I was in the hospital, it was partly because of anaemia, and that they actually had to give me a transfusion. His hairy eyeball got more intense and he made some extensive notes.

Now, I don't mind Dr. Pilch looking at me because he's damned gorgeous; however, when he looks at me like I'm about to die, it's entirely a different matter. It was as though he suspects me of being a Vampire.

Grant Morrison is a big proponent of reality being changed by what you write. The character based on himself, King Mob, went through some pretty trying times in The Invisibles, and everything he went through, Grant experienced in some form or fashion, up to and including getting a kind of staph infection on his face after he wrote about King Mob having part of his face eaten off in a parallel reality. He still bears those scars. After that happened, he wrote about King Mob making all sorts of merry (sex drugs, rock-n-roll - the whole megillah) and, lo and behold, Grant began having the time of his life.

All that said, perhaps my writing my Vampires has intruded upon my health, particularly Cadmus' insatiable thirst for blood. He is, after all, my Demon Child, so I figure his literary influence may well have altered my own reality. Who the hell knows?

Anyway, Dr. Pilch got me an appointment with Dr. Adams for next week, telling me that he was going to have her do some extensive blood work on me, as well as possibly put me on iron injections. He said that iron supplements may not be enough. Hell, she may just put me on a slow blood drip and check to see if I have an aversion to crucifixes.
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hahaha, well hopefully not one like Cadmus. that would be dreadful for everyone. speaking of which...have you seen 'The Raven' yet? OMFG, it'll make you rethink every horribly violent scene you've ever written.
It is absolutely the best movie I've seen in a very long time. Will totally get the DVD. ...aaaaand I just got an email from Cad's daddy. How appropriate. o_0 See? This is why I don't sleep!