Andy Partridge


Well, today started out most momentously. First, a track back.

Yesterday, I took a wild hair and Tweeted Andy Partridge, saying:  "Hey you, any more musical collaboration with Barry Andrews in the future?  Love the Monstrance project! :D"

I didn't expect to get an answer. He gets so many Tweets, there's no way Andy Partridge could feasibly answer everyone, and my question wasn't the most popular in the world. There is a contingent on Partridge's page that still holds a grudge against Barry because of the messy break-up of XTC in 1979/1980. I figured I'd be cursed out by strangers, but not ever hear from Partridge himself.

I was wrong.

At 11:55 this morning, I got this Tweet from Andy: "Thanks Tinny.  No, as Barry didn't like the project enough to carry on.  Shame, I thought it truly had merit."

Sucks that Monstrance won't be heard again, and I'm still wondering if B and Andy might work together again on another Shriek album, but the most brain-burning part of his message was his calling me Tinny.

Andy Partridge called me Tinny.

**dies, then comes back to life so that I can die again**
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Judging by his response, there may still be a tiny bit of animosity there. If you read between the lines - like I always do - because I'm like that.

Tinny? Cute. I should try this Twitter thing again. Does Gary have one? *winks*
Gary? Do you mean @clauderainsrm?

And, yes, no reason to read between the lines. Although they will always be friends, they're like two sticks always rubbing together until a fire starts. It burns furiously for a while until someone puts it out. Wash, rinse, repeat.

You should have heard B griping about Mr. P's OCD. If they didn't like each other so much, they'd end up killing one another.
Gary - as in Oldman. Gary Oldman. Hey, Gary is actually getting to be an Old Man! When did that happen? Anyway, social media and me is a non-starter. Kinda drew the line right there. Too much time online and I'm too impulsive - I tend to just blat things out only to regret it later. So, I'm better off sticking to email and LJ where I can edit to my heart's content.
OH LOL See? I have the dumb.
Dunno if Gary Oldman is on Twitter or not. I don't see where TR is following anyone remotely like Gary and, trust me, he would if Gary were around. BROMANCE! Anyways, GO is not an old man. He will always be my Vladimir and Vampires don't age. ;) If you change your mind about Tweeeeeter, I'm Tinhuviel over there (big surprise). ;)