About 45 minutes ago, I heard a song I will not ever listen to again. That may have happened...well, I don't know that it has ever happened.

Suffice to say, this is an extremely rare occurrence, especially considering who is involved in the recording of the song. It takes a lot to scare the living fucking hell out of me. One of the main things is Japanese ghost stories made into film, like Ringu and Ju-On. Since this song has vocals that, for all the world, sound like the creaking noises Kayako Saeki makes in Ju-On. Just to make everyone reading this miserable, here's a clip of the Japanese ghost.

When I get permission to share the song, I assure you that I most definitely you can all share the horror that is my life.
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Heh---I used to make that noise a lot as a kid. Sometimes still do when I'm very tired and bored.
If you want me to avoid you, even when we're hundreds of miles away, just do that now. Just. Do. It.
That's a great way to do the stairs if you're drunk and don't want to fall down. But ..... yeah, that noise is at the top of my personal creeped out scale. Thanks. I'll think of you when I'm sitting up in bed, a few hours from now, still wide awake and clutching the covers. I'm three-years-old again and there is something in the closet.
See? And you haven't even heard the song yet. Think Hellraiser meets Event Horizon meets Kayuka Saeki meets Sadako, meets every freaky think you could possibly imagine touching your ankle in the inky black of night.