Adopt a Roth

He's all curled up, waiting for some kind soul to give him a good home. Won't you be the saint he needs? Only after me.

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Was he chipped? Check the scruff of his neck. If he's scanable, we can find his true owner.
Who wants to find his true owner when I have a pefectly good home waiting for him right here?
I know dear, but we can't we selfish now can we? Think of the poor Roth. Trying to adapt to his new surroundings, being called by a name that may not be the one he is used to, looking in vain for his favourite place to nap. You won't know his favourite toys or games or exactly where to scratch him to get his back leg thumping. See what I mean? We need to find the Roth's true owner. It's the right thing to do.
Hey, I'm writng the video Roth How-To Manual. I think I know how to get that hind-leg moving. And I can very easily help him forget his previous favourite place to nap, oh trust me on that one. As for the name? Everyone knows he's fond of being called Pumpkin, and will often call you 'Honey Bunny' in response. Just need to keep him out of seedy cafes, as he's prone to rob them. Oh, his new surroundings will be more than loving and amenable. He'll get all the beans and toast he could ever want for, and can even keep his own pet, that ugly monstrosity Frank, if he so wishes. There's nothing I wouldn't do for Mah Pumpkin. ;P

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Well, okay then. You can keep him. Just remember to take him for regular walks and clean up after him. His true owner will have to get over their loss as it seems he does belong with you, afterall. I hope you and your Pumpkin will be happy together - just go easy on the beans and toast. Don't need to explain why, yeah? Whew!