Die, Dumb People, DIE!

This from some idiot in a comment made on my first Tutorial:

"He's an ACTOR; he's playing a PART. It's not Tim Roth who was surprised in the loo." (I think that last bit was supposed to be two sentences, the last one being a question, but I could be wrong."

My response:
"Just in case you missed the disclaimer at the beginning of this playlist: Please see the next post (thanks to characters limitations). But thanks so much for reminding me these are just characters, just in case I lost my head and forgot. **Tutorial Disclaimer: As the Tim Roth Tutorials start to get more attention, I feel it only right to assure folks that these Tutorials are based on Tim Roth's characters in various movies, and not on the actor himself or the way he sees the world. No offence is intended in the making of these lessons; they are made for fun and for fans of Tim Roth and all his groovy characters. So there you have it, hoopy froods. Enjoy the Tutorials, and take notes, 'cos there will be a pop quiz someday.**"

And folks wonder why it is I wear a tee-shirt that says "People ruined my life."
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People can be NO fun !!!
People sure can be such idiots... always trying to "one up" each other just as they were trained since they started school at 5... It must suck living in a world without whimsy and imagination... never mind that they are more often wrong than right.

They mean nothing--onward ...happily & without regard.

New shirt... "People tried to ruin my Life and I wouldn't let them..."