Kal the Corolla

I'm writing this now because I had one of those rare instances where, for the life of me, I could Inot stay awake. Even right now, after several hours sleep, I could pass out right now. It's one of those rare side effect of insomnia. Diane went with me to Carmax and eyeballed the vehicles that were within the price range for which I was approved. Kal popped up because he a just a tad newer and had lower mileage. Not to mention he was a To-FREAKIN'-yota, which almost always screams "I am a fantastic car, there's no denying!" Diane is driving a Camry that has just under 210k on it and, even though it's not the prettiest thing in the world, it still runs like a serious boss. Toyotas are legendary when it comes to running, running well, running long, and running circles around everyone else. Diane said I coudn't have made a better choice.

After giving them my down payment and signing every last piece of paperwork in the world, I came to the realisation that the waiting is the hardest part. Since Diane felt she was no longer needed, even though she is always needed, just sayin,' she split to let me finish up.

Shortly after she'd left, I signed the last of the paperwork and drove off the parking lot in my brand new (at least to me) vehicle. I'll take photies tomorrow, then the it's light outside.

After going to check on the beasties, Janice came down to give me a piece of mail that had come up at their house, she also gave me the key she'd had since Aunt Tudi died. She and I had had several confrontations, but last night's was particularly damaging, so much so that what little contact I had with Janice and Michael is now nonexistent. I feel like I should be devastated by this, but honestly I'm just numb. Besides I have friends who are closer to me in this Vale of Tears, many of which are reading this right now.

And then there is Diane, who wold do anything she could for me. After Janice and I partedon how quickly that happens, I may take Kal for a spin up to Asheville. The sooner I do that, the better, even though I'm planning on travelling up there on the 24th.
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I'm happy that you have wheels, again! YAY!

I'm not so happy that you've had a split from the family...that's never fun.

(((hugs))) atcha...take care of yourself.
You must feel like you just came off house arrest after being so stranded at home. I'm glad you got a good car. Toyota's are awesome.

I'm sure you and Janice and Michael will get past whatever is causing a rift right now. You're family and you're neighbours. Probably just need a little distance and cooling off time. Here's hoping.

Have fun with Kal. Happy for you.
Oooh congrats on *NEW* car
WOW a REAL *NEW* car you lucky little minx!!