I may have found a car, and I've already got financing for it. The problem is, the settlement money has not shown up in the bank yet. If it does show up today, Diane will be taking me to Carmax to talk to the rep with whom I spoke on the phone. Then, I should be able to drive home in a 2006 Ford Focus. I've already pre-named it. Freddie. The name ties into Tom Hardy's character in The Take and Tim Roth's character in Reservoir Dogs.

I never named the ION. Honestly, I never got over losing my Blackbarry (it was a blackberry coloured Saturn LE). The ION was never a comfortable fit for me and, after Aunt Tudi passed away, the fracking car was haunted. I needed to be shed of it. I seriously think that my subconscious had a lot to do with my wrecking it.

Anyway, Freddie the Focus is waiting on me. Hopefully the money will show up today, and I'll be off to Asheville tomorrow. I am serious. It's time to go home.
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