Andy Partridge

Macaroni and Cheese Accomplished

First let me paste from a post about XTC and Andy Partridge I made in 2006, but the dream comes from circa 1988-89.

When I heard the song "Dear God," I realised that I'd heard XTC a couple of years beforehand when I saw the video for this song. The song disturbed me and I like that it stirred such conflicting emotions. I remember being enchanted with the singer's ability to communicate such cynicism and hopelessness with a mere glint in his eye. Once I had the album on which "Dear God" was featured, it was like a circle that took ages to draw was finally completed, sealed, and sanctified. All of the songs on Skylarking made my heart flutter and my soul sing. I began having dreams about Andy Partridge, the singer. They all centered around home, watching television, canning fruit, feeding birds, and (more often than not) preparing and eating homemade macaroni and cheese. The dreams had this country home as portrayed in Legend feel. Very livable, Pagan, and peaceful.

The thing about this is, over the years, my focus became making Andy Partridge macaroni & cheese. It's been like an obsession of mine for pretty much twenty years now.

Even though I know several of Andy's inner circle, I've never had the pleasure of getting to know him. He's elusive about such things, and I can respect that. I've never really attempted contact of any relevant sort, and I've never asked the people I know to introduce us or provide for me a way to contact him.

When I got a Twitter account, I did begin following his tweets, though. I've only ever responded to one of them in the past, until a few days ago when he tweeted that he was coming down with some sort of bug (not in an Edgar suit). I felt it only right that I wish him well, since he has given me tons of musical glee (not that stupid show) over the years. And I do feel kind of guilty accidentally anchoring him to the most evil character in my Vampire books, the wicked Apostate.

So, I said to him:
feel better, dude. want me to make you some mac&cheese?

To which he responded today:
Thanks for the virtual offer,consider it virtually eaten

So I have kind of accomplished a major goal of sorts.  Now, if I can just manage to make him real Mac & Cheese before both of us are too old to give a damn.
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Feather macaroni...
Dear Tracy, KNOW he HATES macaroni & Cheese... right? :D Hey he called me a 'little volcano'(and he has a nasty drunk sex-tweet!) you should aspire to more.. just teasin' !!

I am enjoying reading your blog very much.:D

Re: Feather macaroni...
Yeah, but a girl can still dream, right? He did an online interview a few years back, and I asked him, if I made it back to Swindon, could I make him some mac & cheese. He called macaroni cut up catheter tube (I think?) and said he only eats local sheep cheese now. But...I persist! If I ever get to live in Avebury, about 11 miles from Swindon, I'm so making him some sorta pasta with sheep cheese. It's a GOAL.
I think ...
(Anonymous) should tell him about the dream! He would LOVE it! ...especially the peaceful pagan part.
Re: I think ...
Meh, dunno. I'm a bit shy about folks I dig on. One of the reasons why I'm freaking out about folks sending Tim Roth links to the Tutorials. Dear god...
...yeah I went from "shy" and uninterested into some sort of overdrive... and the conniving! I plan every move and predict outcomes... I adjust and think... patterns emerge... BTW you can sex it up to where they get scared and you have to back off... no worries they'll miss the fun! :P *slurp*


Re: shyness
Haha, well I'm all tapped out on communicating with celebrities. As I said in the letter, it's taken years off my life. I'm the Nadine Cross of ... something. When you meet your Randall Flagg, it's time to throw in the towel.