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A Few Things

We are having a major thunderstorm here right now. The animals are climbing me like I'm a fire fighters' ladder. And it's starting to piss me off. I feel for them, I really do. But being the only person here now is pernear impossible to tolerate when you look like you're dripping fur, so many animals are on you like freckles.

I am watching X-Men First Class. On TV. I have the DVD. This is something I do when I really like a movie, and I don't know why. My first guess is that it's a mental defect. All that aside, I grow increasingly fond of the Magneto character each time I see this flick. I completely understand why he established the Brotherhood of Mutants, considering he and his entire family had been sorely abused by the Krauts for being Jews. A Jewish Mutant? That's perfect reason to want to kick everyone's ass forever. I'm with him 100%. And I am particularly fond of X-Men First Class. I may even like it better than X-Men 2: X-Men United. That one seriously rocked. X-Men First Class may actually have too much eye candy in it, though. I mean, really, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender? That's just a completely right sort of way.

I am supposed to call the DMV to see if they got the lien release from Capital One. Onyx Acceptance, which handled my car loan for the ION never updated their records despite my paying off the loan (early no less!) and getting my original title. The insurance company couldn't use that title and I found out why yesterday. So I don't have my money for a new car, and I have to turn in the rental today. I'm hoping to get this lien hoo-ha straightened out today and the the proper paperwork overnighted to Nationwide, so they can e-transfer the settlement funds to my bank tomorrow.

But I'm looking at being stranded for at least the weekend. Diane and Bobby are going to help me hunt for a new car as soon as I have the cash in my hands.

In other news, I have decided that folding laundry is against my religion. I'm right now taking a break from folding three basket loads of the devil fabric. But I must get back to it. So...good bye.
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If your local library stocks graphic novels, you should borrow Magneto: Testament. It's a pretty harrowing recounting of Magneto's childhood in 1930's Germany.
I may have to check that out if I get the courage. Read extensively about the Holocaust about a year ago...again...and ended up in a funk so bad, I thought I wasn't gonna come out of it.
Wait, so if Tim Roth and Tom Hardy offered to fold your laundry while they were nude, would you say no?
Okay, here's the thing. My interest in Tom Hardy is purely professional. See icon to your left. It's my mission to keep tabs on his career while I hatch my evil plan to compel him to play Cadmus Pariah in my movie.

Tim Roth on the other hand...well, he could do just about anything anywhere anytime, and he would elicit the rare squee from me.
Considering you and Tim's shared penchant for wearing clothing that's too big, he might fight you for tee shirts.
Nanh, no fight. I gove an overoald of tees and it'll me a chance ogle him when he's changing cloathes.
Also, as an overall character I think you *would* appreciate Erich. In a nutshell he's spent most of his Marvel lifespan with the goals of revenge, and preserving Mutants/his people. These goals lead him to the opposite of the moral high ground pretty often. He would probably make an excellent Sith.
I do I do. I told a long while back that Magneto was The Boss. Of course, he disagreed with me.