Godawful Dream

I never have an actual pleasant dream...or a nightmare. All of my dreams, of which I haven't had any in an extremely long time thanks to insomnia and never getting into a deep sleep, are pretty much in the Fucking Bizarre category. I spent the night with Diane last night and got to really sleep, really deeply. And I dreamt. And it was Fucking Bizarre.

I entered this obviously English house with two small rooms on the first level, with the bathroom, and steep steps up to the bedrooms. Living in the lower level was this welfare mom. I don't know any other way to describe her. I never saw her kids, but I heard them. She was dressed in grey dirty clothes, was apathetic toward the cries of her children in some unseen room nearby, and was highly aggressive toward me. I avoided her verbal abuses, which were threatening to become physical assault, by running up the stairs.

On the second level was a long hall and in each room lived a very well-off person, their rooms dripping in luxury and excess. They were all contemptuous and many of them laughed about a woman they were holding captive, whom they ritually torturing Then I was in the largest room with two of the rich people, and one of threw the other out the window. All the bourgoisie gathered and suddenly the dead person was revived. There was some kind of quiet celebration and they dispersed back to their rooms.

I remained in the large room with the inhabitant. He told me that he and his contemporaries could influence the mind of another and make them do things. He made a gesture and two people brought in Aunt Tudi. The three of them started chanting "jump jump jump," and Aunt Tudi jumped out the window. I began begging them to bring her back like they did their comrade, but they laughed and said they weren't responsible for that, it was the woman downstairs who had that power.

I ran downstairs and began imploring the welfare mom to use her powers, but she began smacking and cursing at me. Then I heard a ruckus upstairs. I ran back upstairs to see the captive woman dressed in a purple and yellow latex body suit. She had a harpoon gun and was killing all the rich people. I asked her who she was and she said, "Who I was doesn't matter anymore. Call me Enigma now." It's like she was some sort of pissed off super-heroine. I watched her harpoon three people in the abdomen, then told her we needed to get out of there NOW.

I ran down the stairs and heard her following me. I met the welfare mother again, and she came at me. She suddenly had a harpoon right through her chest. I ran faster and thought Enigma was behind me. When I got outside, I turned around and Enigma was gone. I saw a posh department store across the street and thought I saw purple and yellow flash inside the store. I ran over and into the store and was stopped by the greeter.

It was Lie to Me-era Tim Roth. 0_o

I asked him if a woman in a purple and yellow body suit had come into the store. He said, "Oh yeah, but she just left for John Milners. That store is nicer than ours and carries harpoooons."

"Oh thank you thank you!" I shouted and grabbed his cheek and kissed him (not romantically, it was a close-lipped thank you kiss).

And I ran out of the store and into the night.

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Both my parents are shrinks. I have read SOOOO many books on dream theory and whatnot.

But I'm not even touching that one ;)