Finally passed out a little after 6 AM. Probably would have slept longer, but the phone woke me up.

Not planning on doing anything today, except for reading a friend's childrens book she has written and is working on editing now. I may try to write myself, but it might not be worth it with my brain in its current condition. I'm not really sure it would be worth it, except for it being therapeutic, and even that isn't a certain thing.

I do have a couple of phone calls I have to make. Maybe its best that I get those out of the way right now, while I have it on my mind. One of the places is the tax office. My car taxes come due the first week of May. I need to find out if I'm supposed to go ahead and pay on the ION when I know I'll be paying taxes on whatever "new" car I'll be getting, hopefully this week.

My rental runs out on the 26th, so I really need to get that settlement check before then. Enterprise is going to be charging me for mileage and fuel, plus I'm going to be without any transportation whatsoever if I don't have a car by then. So yeah, I need to get my shit together and get this show on the road. Diane and Bobby are gonna be helping me find a decent car. Really, the only thing I need is something that will get me to Asheville and, specifically Craggy Gardens and back, without breaking down...and a working stereo. Because I am literally incapable of driving without music. Oddly enough, I tend to fall asleep in the car, and its music that pretty much keeps me awake and alert.

Of course, I'm repeating myself on some of this, because I'm an absentminded old fool. Such is life.
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