Rothian Photo Dump

'Cos I don't have anything at all positive to say, I'm just gonna put these here and ogle at the beauty until the world fades away. You're very welcome to join me.



This is one of my all-time favourite picture of Roth. He seems totally Gen X here, which I guess he is, just on the edge of it. I consider anyone born from 1960 through 1973 to be Gen X'ers, although probably wrong on this like I am everything else. That's neither here nor there. It's a damned good pic of The Roth.


Honestly, he looks good with or without the long hair. Even bald suits him but, for once, I prefer hair, long at that.

Emil Blonsky. Now, who could call this face an abomination?

If I thought it would would get me molested, you dam'straight I'd lie to him. RIGHT.TO.HIS.FACE.Photobucket

Never before have I wanted to be a leg so desperately.

I have no idea what is going on here, and I really don't care as long as Tim Rim is around.

Don't cry, Timmeh. Okay, cry. I'm right there, with you man.

"Captain, it is illogical for a man to look this good."
*dies of drool*

Where are you in the "Lie to Me" viewing? I rewatched the pilot the other day just for funsies. SUCH a great show.
I'm going through season 2 right now. Only have to get season 3 when I can afford it, then we should totally have a marathon. I'll bring the orange juice and orange duck. You can bring something equally as orange, and we'll have a Roth-out.

All joking aside, it really was a good show. So many others are much more worthy of cancellation, but we're talking Fox here...what a pack of dumbfucks.
I'll bring the Cuties. It's only appropriate. ;)

IKR? I know that part of the problem was that there was a conflict in filming a movie with one of the cast, but c'mon. They should have worked it out. It was such an amazing show, with a very good cast with lots of chemistry. *ptui on Fox*

I will tell you that Cal Lightman is the last person I would want watching my every move, despite it being Tim Roth. That would scare the living shit out of me, and I'm not any more of a liar than anyone else.
I have narty dreams about Lightman. I'd gladly let him poke me abot things.

But then again, I often use the truth as a weapon, so...
Right now, I couldn't look The Roth in the eye at all, after seriously thinking about who his anchored character is jonesing to get it on with in my latest act of atrocity. He's likely be inclined to murder me, lie or no. O_O Still hot to think about though...
Heh. Yeah, I'm lucky in that I don't have an anchor character for him yet. Though I'm expecting that one of my elves will turn into him, when I get back to that book. *shrug* We shall see!
It is an unhealthy pasttime, so I suggest against it. :D

Oh, I forgot to tag you on the latest Roth picture I found. It's somewhere in the nightmare of my FB though, if you haven't seen it. Roth, all in black, bowlegs a-bowing. deargod.
*laughs* I dunno, I enjoyed having John Cusack living in my head as my optimistic, loyal-lieutenant vampire.

And hee! Woot! *goes to dig*
When Tim Roth and B are having an intimate moment on a tree branch, it's time to turn in your sanity card and retire from life. Just sayin...