...the ION

It looks like it is going to be totalled. I'm pretty certain I won't have enough money to pay for a used vehicle outright, and my credit is less than for the birds. Jesus Christ, I may end up on a moped.
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Sorry to hear that, hon. And I have a feeling public transportation is just as horrid there as it is here(i.e. if don't have car, you are screwed). Good luck and let us know how we can help.
Sorry to hear this, kiddo. I hope the insurance gives you a decent payout based on the fact that the car was running just fine and was sure to be a source of transporation for a few more years anyway. Try not to let them low ball you.
Well yuck...

See if you can find one of those lots that take $50 a week, or something? I have friends who have gotten good, reliable transportation that way (and it will help build your credit when you pay on time!)

C'mon Universe, lighten up.