Like a Freckle, Cannes, and Saturday's Brouhaha

Something is going on with Smidgen. For the past seven days, she has insisted on being on me like a freckle, day and night. She has actually jumped up and crawled onto the laptop, typing her own strange and alien cat language and looking at me as if to say, "I got you! I got you!" Now, she always responds favourably when I call her "pretty grrrrl..." But this is just ridiculous, what she did earlier this morning. I lay down in the hopes of grabbing some sleep and, as usual Smidgen jumped up and sat on my chest, then started her biscuit-making routine. I made the mistake of whispering "pretty grrrl..." and she started smacking my face. Literally smacking my face. No claws, just light smacks. Then she placed both paws on my lips as if to say "shut your piehole," and began purring like an old tractor. And, right now, she's lying on one of my thighs vibrating like a damned tribble high on quadrotriticale. She is constantly on me like a freckle.

I have a beef about Twitter right now. I may have to turn off my Tweetdeck for awhile, because every few seconds, I get the same message from different people in different languages: "Tim Roth to head Cannes jury for Un Certain Regard." How many times do you people have to announce it? I mean, since late yesterday and on through the night (yeah, no sleep for me!), I know I've gotten a good hundred messages like this, and I'm being conservative in my estimation. Sure, I'm all over Tim Roth, oh how I wish, but damn. This is just ridic (as gunslingaaahhh would say). Give it a rest, people Even the Dogon tribe in the wilds of Africa know what's going on in Cannes now. GAH, and I just got another one. That's it. ::closes down Tweetdeck:: Besides, if I get any important tweets, they'll show up on my phone.

I am supposed to go to the Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church to watch my former High Elder (and the best partner I ever had in Circle) get consecrated as a bishop in the church. It's all very strange to see him in the role of a Christian, and a devout one at that! And he really is a true Christian, as far as I can see. He lives a life of peace, he tries to be the best he can be for himself and those around him, and he never forces his beliefs on anyone. If this is his true chosen path, I wish nothing but the best for him, and I will definitely be there for him tomorrow and beyond, in whatever capacity I can manage. Still, though, it is kind of surreal to see Lord Ariel Morgan become a bishop with the name Aaron Edmund Cass. I'm very proud of him, truth be told! I haven't worn a dress/skirt since May of 2006, so this will be interesting. My skirt is a little loose on me, but it won't slip off, and my blouse is a perfect fit now, so that's all good. Oh, and HEH, the old Caledonii website is still present on the Internet. I may ask Aaron about that tomorrow when we have a chance alone together. All of this reminds me of the German saying, "nichts ist dauernd als der Wechse"l (sp), "nothing is lasting but change." If we don't change, we stagnate and eventually die much earlier than we should, our lives never really reaching the fullest of intention. So yeah, it's going to be quite interesting tomorrow. Pictures shall be taken, you can bank on that. While I'm there, I may just ask Aaron if he'll pray for me regarding my finding some peace from the loss of Aunt Tudi, and the piss-poor luck I've had with everything else of late. He has always been incredibly powerful when it came to communing with the Divine. Our Drawing Down of the deities when we were officiating priest and priestess, was always Vast and Mighty. We almost always achieved our goal, and later had to be told what was said and done, because neither of us was completely mortal during that time. The God and Goddess were truly present in Circle. We were told repeatedly that our eloquence and the body language so vital to Magickal workings were breathtaking. Somewhere, somehow, that Magick is still alive and vibrant. But I'm getting off subject, so I'll end it right there. Look at this, all these wordy words just to say "a longtime friend of mine is becoming a bishop and I'm gonna be there to support him." Sheesh.
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Maybe Smidgen can just tell you're feeling a bit low and need some kitty cuddles. Musashi is like that for me.
I agree with furnacechant. I think Smidgen is trying to make sure she's doing all she can to make mom happy. (Oh and can you tell furnacechant every time I see her icon, I think of Boy George and my mind into breaks into "Karma Chameleon"? Thanks! heehee)
heheheh will do, or you can always tell her right here. actually, you just did, come to think.
"Tim Roth to head Cannes jury for Un Certain Regard."

I read this the first time as "Time Roth to head Cadmus jury.."

Wot?! Heh!