Urgent Care and Road Rage

After a night of unprecedented agony, I waited until it was time for Mary Black Urgent Care, and then I went to them with my noodly arm to see if I had broken anything. They took 859 X-Rays and I was horrified by the pain this caused me, having to position the arm in forms that any Yoga practitioner would drool over with envy. Doctor came in and told me the shoulder looked fine, that is was obviously just a very bad sprain. He gave me some sort of steroid medicine and some pain pills. I asked him if this steroid medicine would make me all muscle-y and aggressive. He told me only on the full moon. I almost chuckled at this, but couldn't gather enough gumption to do so.

Speaking of aggression, I love this Jeep that the rental company gave me. It's Vast and Vivid. I feel like I should star in the next Monster Truck show that occurs on SundaySundaySUNDAY!! Truth be told, I'm inclined to be unnecessarily violent to the drivers around me, pedestrians, and Wal-Mart. I love this Jeep ~ madly, truly, deeply. I'm gonna have to take a picture of this monolithic weapon on four wheels. I postponed coming back home for as long as I could, but my fear of having to put gas in mah sweet ride compelled me to get my arse thence. Mainly because I have a negative balance in my bank account. :/

Oh, and I went by Bradshaw to pick up the bag of dog food in the trunk. While I was at it, I also got my round blue hippie glasses, 'cos you can't find them anywhere anymore. When I found these in a wee rinky-dink shop up the road (it has since closed), I was seriously gleeful, especially since they only cost a dollar a pair. I got four pairs, two of which went to Barry, given his affection for this type of sunglasses. I kept the other two, one of which got smooshed when I plummeted to the ground at Craggy Gardens. So this is the only pair I have and I do not want to lose them. Anyway, the peeps at Bradshaw did not have any information about whether the car was reparable or needed to be written off as total loss. They told me that, as soon as one of guys went out and looked it over, he would contact Nationwide with an either an estimate or the news that the car is totalled. They would also call me about the $500 deductible and how we can go about my paying them without having a stroke and heart attack. If that's even possible.

Truth be told, a part of me hopes the ION can't be repaired and I have to get another car, even if it is used. My car is as haunted as my house. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in another post, but I'm talking about it now. I keep seeing Aunt Tudi in the car beside me. The box that contained her ashes is still in the trunk because I can't...I just can't. Something different would be very welcome. By the same token, I'm not thrilled about the possibility of taking on a car payment. I'm barely surviving right now, so how could I safely take on another monetary obligation? Another part of me is hoping the collision center will inflate the estimate so that it'll cover the deductible. That would be brilliant, but I'm not sure they could even do that, or would.

In the meantime, I'm thinking of going to sell at the flea-market next weekend. I'm pretty sure that there is a lot of Aunt Tudi's hoard that may bring me some much-needed fundage. I've just been putting off going through things because I find it literally unbearable. I am immobilised by a grief that just won't go away. But I have to now. Aunt Tudi would be pissed at me if I didn't do what was necessary for my survival. Yet another reason why I'd be better off not to survive. But what-the-fuck-ever.

If something doesn't start going my way for once, I may be forced to take my Jeep and flatten the entire upstate. Road Rage is one of my hobbies but, now that I have a vehicle that could actually make my dreams of madness and mayhem come true. So you in jail (gaol) my friends!

One more thing; if you have the moolah and are inclined to share some with this sad-ass, just clickie on this button. It would be deeply appreciated.

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That's the way I feel in a jeep, too! That's why I like them. I feel like driving over curbs to avoid people (or hit them). Glad you are enjoying it. Flea market is a good idea. You may want to move someday, (Jeebus, I hope so!)and you need alot of that stuff turned into money. Anytime I get that broke, I look around and think how stupid I am to live around this junk and not have money instead. So you are way smarter than me. Or Tudi showed you the way years ago. Stuff isn't important, peace of mind is. Love you, sis!
Re: Squeee
Yeah, we'd always go to the flea market when things got a little rough around the edges. I was always the one who wanted to sell everything and not give the 'necks a break. But Aunt Tudi was a bit of a hoarder, so she'd take out at least half of what I boxed. And then she'd sell what was left at a ridiculously cheap price. I was always WTF? This'll be my first time doing this alone, so I'm almost certain that I'll end up in jail after beating the shit out of a SC-born-and-bred moron. Did you ever read my Maul-fic story I wrote for the Sith Academy. It's pretty much an autobiography of my times at the flea market, but set in the SW world. It got picked to become one of the stories in the Sith Academy archives, so that made me happy. Come down and we'll go to Charlotte in the sweet ride, and get us a Slurpee a piece!
I'm glad your arm isn't broken. I know a sprain can hurt just as much but it will heal faster. And I wish I was closer in proximity because I love flea markets. It's the people watching I love the most. You really need a hand with this. You can't sort through things, pack them in the car and stack them out for sale, repack the car with the leftovers - with a sprained shoulder!

Would Janice or Michael or one of the younger relatives be willing to go along? You could bribe them with a slurpee.

hahaha, nah none of them are Slurpee addicts alas. Besides, I'll be going next weekend when I may have some money to rent a table. And that will give me time to go through stuff, even though I can't even imagine how I'm gonna do that. I wish you were here too. You could do all the people watching and human interaction whilst I collect the fundage and scowl at the Rednecks. Then we could split the booty and run off before a lynchin' is announced over the intercom. :P I'll be writing you an email probably tomorrow. I'm working on a kind of explanation for my obsessive behaviour, and it's taking book form here. gad. <3 you!