Marginally, I'm here. Don't want to be, but I am. I'm hoping the haunting isn't with me tonight. I really need to sleep. I don't go to the mental health department until the 19th, but I'm hoping to get a personal psychiatrist before I have to go over there. They really don't help a thing, and try to force you into "support groups" that have nothing to do with your situation. So yeah, not happy with all that.

Thank you to those who have so far helped with my "cause" of getting that stupid car fixed. Well, the car isn't stupid, but I am. All I was trying to do was save a squirrel's life. The ramifications of trying to do the right thing are bitch-slapping me like whoa.

I'm trying to keep my mind busy with frivolous crap at the moment. The writing has, once again, taken a back-burner. And, really, what does it matter in the long run? I doubt if anybody ever reads that hoo-ha anyway.

I've got to catch up on my reading tonight. Last night was a bust, and I can't let that happen again, not with Clive waiting. Right now, I'm watching some stupid Chiller movie, and it's really not worth my time. I'll do something more constructive once the sun is back down.

Gonna try to sleep tonight. Got very little last night, and waking up was no joy, since I thought Aunt Tudi was sleeping on the couch. I hate this place. I really despise it. At least I'm not currently in a haunted vehicle. The rental agency put me in a gigantic Jeep. That's pretty much my ticket to stay home as much as possible. Who can afford gas in such a monster. Not I.

As The Roth would say..."and so it goes."
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Thank you, my friend,
For trying to stick with it. You are amazing, and have made many friends online. I am able to tolerate Mama more because of seeing that she isn't the only one who hates to be by herself. I cannot offer much, with your animals, but I can definitely fit you in up here, if you ever want to move. This is only the elbow of hell, not the armpit. And Tallis could use a friend to stay with her right now, too. We all might be able to gather money to help. That and a BIG ass yard sale. lol.

We are trying to afford a fence, either at Mama's or here at home. Or both. when we can afford that, we can keep more animals here. and I love animals.
The world has plenty of squirrels and only one of you. You win, next time squash it.
Wish I lived closer than thousands of miles away - and in a different country. My thoughts are with you darlin'. Here's to a peaceful slumber and some serenity for your soul. Better days ahead.