In an attempt to find and gather together more Shriek fans, I set up a Tumblr account for the band and all the satellite artists. I'm able to tag everything over there and reach tons of people at one time. Anyone is allowed to use the page, and can write to me regarding the band members and whatnot. I'd do the same thing on Facebook, but someone else created that page and is pretty presh about his moderator status, despite his not doing anything to benefit the band.

Anyway, on Tumblr I can easily upload pictures, video, etc etc, as well as posting news about their activity in the studio, as news comes through.

A few days ago, I posted the picture of B and Finn, the same one I posted here and on Facebook. I got an immediate reaction from a bevy of fangirls, who reposted the picture and added their own comments pretty much gushing over Finn.

I made the mistake of following these threads to see if I could reach out to some of these people, and I was assaulted by an insane lustfest over this kid. Okay, he's not a kid anymore. He's closer to 30 instead of 20 now. But I'll always see him as a bloody kid because he was when I first heard of him back in the 90s. It doesn't help that I've talked to him on the phone, because this makes what these girls are doing a tad too personal and just...uncomfortable!

For a while there, I thought I had gone blind from seeing levels of Wrong I didn't even know existed. So no more pictures or anything regarding Young Finn. In the meantime, I may seek out a steel dish loofah thingie, shove it into my ear, and scrub my brain. Or I may just smack my head against a concrete block in an attempt to induce amnesia.

Great Mother! The horror never ends.

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