I know it's wrong, but I can't help it. I occasionally check up on someone who hurt me very badly a few years ago and, each time I check on them, they have fallen from grace even more. They once thought they were so mighty and could treat anyone and everyone like dirt simply because of their perceived position.

But the mighty fall.

And to see how this person, who once had hundreds more followers than they followed on Twitter, now has fewer followers than they follow...well, it heartens me deep within the darkest, Sithliest inner core. They claim to have "culled" their Twitter, but they are known to put any sort of positive spin on anything that doesn't put them in a kindly light.

They deceived one of their closest friends for the pursuit of money. They betrayed people who's only goal was to help, because they felt threatened. They assumed they were more important than they actually turned out to be. They used people up and tossed them to one side when it served their own nefarious purposes. They lied, cheated, all but stole, and acted thoroughly inappropriate around people who had once trusted them.

Yeah, this person is continuing to harvest the poison crops sown by their seeds of ugliness. This person is still getting exactly what they deserve.

And I can't do anything but watch the train wreck and try not to smile. I am a vengeful and spiteful person when it comes the well-being of people I care about. I am equally as vicious when it comes to my being treated like shit when I have freely given of myself and whatever meagre talents I may bring to the table.

Do not take advantage of me or mine, then treat us all like we're your vassals or possessions. If you do, and then you find yourself alone, banished and disgraced, it is nothing more than you deserve. And don't think, don't ever think I don't check in just to see how far down the pit you've fallen lately. I still take an interest in you because I want to know how miserable your life is now. I got to know you pretty well in the year we worked "together." My bullshitometer can measure exactly how crap your life is by what you're writing.

Just like your culling of your Twitter herds. You're still referring to people as though they were cattle present only to benefit your well-being. Personally, I think (and you know I'm right here) that you are the one who has been culled, by more people than you would ever care to admit, even to yourself. Because, of all the things that you are, you are, first and foremost arrogant and delusional.

And you had the audacity to question my sanity and persuade others to do the same. You're crazy if you think anyone is fooled by your lies anymore. Maybe the 40 or so followers you haven't culled, but something tells me that even they hold you in suspect. And the rest of us have moved on without you. Hell, I wouldn't even be writing this if I didn't have an overzealous sense of vengeance.

But that's my cross to bear, my fatal flaw. I admit I have flaws. And that's the difference between you and me. You will eventually end up completely alone in your little flawless world, while the rest of us continue on being imperfect and unworthy of your high-handed friendship. I guess we'll just have to get along without your bright beacon of superiority.

By the same token, you'll just have to get along without any of us...for as long as you live, hopefully.
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