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Godless Works tinhuviel

greensh August 22 2014, 22:49

Out and About

 Tonight I am blogging in the road.  I wanted to blog about sharing, and how some people do it well and others only seem to.  I will save that for this  weekend!  Sharing at all is tough, and that is the theme of my upcoming artist blog 'The Brave Artist'.  Does our society encourage sharing?  Another good question.  Oh well.  Dinner next!
ysabetwordsmith August 22 2014, 19:38

Poem: "Who Finds a True Friend"

This poem is spillover from the June 17, 2014 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer, [personal profile] janetmiles, and [personal profile] siliconshaman. It also fills the "fall from grace" square in my 6-10-14 card for the [community profile] hc_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the series Frankenstein's Family.

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yendi August 22 2014, 18:15

A few TV notes

1. There were few shows I was looking forward to as much as Legends, but what a wasted pilot. It had it all -- a generic plot, a wasted performance by Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek, a flimsy excuse to put the lead actress in a sexually demeaning position (which is then exacerbated by the inexcusable actions of the lead), and the murder of both people of color who appeared. Sean Bean is talented, but there's only so much he can do here. We didn't bother recording the second one, in spite of our collective household love for Tina Majorino.

2. Casting Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird on Agents of Shield is an awesome meta "fuck you" to DC. Not sure whether or not she'll be good (and I'm generally really mixed on Mockingbird, due to how she's been used over the years in the comics), but I do approve of it so far.

3. This week's True Blood (the penultimate episode) featured a sex scene that might have replaced Bill/Lorena for my favorite "you must be kidding me" sex scene on the show. Not spoiling it, but if you watched, you know what I mean.

4. Jesus, the ending of Perception. And now we need to wait until February to resolve the cliffhanger.

5. Season 2 of Gravity Falls has made me very happy so far.
vulpine137 August 22 2014, 16:51

Finally Fhtagn Friday

Well, it's Friday. Thank Cthulhu. Had a quietish night last night, slept more solidly than lately. Some odd dreams about work (not anxiety, just was at work), and about sword fighting. I blame the later on reading a list of jokes about the SCA (You might be in the SCA if...). Though I was definitely out of period...unless ancient Egyptian/Mesopotamian sickle swords are allowed now.

Got up, got moving. Packed up stuff for tonight's moviefest and came to work. Did all the pending requests and abuse tickets, save one that's probably a week's worth of delisting foo. Fun fun fun. Making a shopping list for stuff we need, things we're either out of, or that we only have because me and Boss #1 bought our own. I don't mind loaning out my usb to serial, but really the company needs a couple of their own. Need to talk to boss #1, see if he's got anything for the list.

Hoping today goes smoothly, and I feel well enough to go to the 'Cruise Ship Disaster' flick fest tonight with the Ufies. I've got 'Titanic 2', 'Deep Rising' and 'Lost Voyage', and I know Amythest is bringing 'Ghost Ship' and 'Poseidon'. So we have a plethera of choices. Then there's the weekend, which is still pretty vague. Really, it kind of boils down to how many tentacles I have, by when, and how I'm physically feeling. This cough is the devil.

Not much else of note right now. Had a mysterious credit card charge, that turned out to be a Cthulhu collection I preordered a while back. Yay new book on Tuesday. I wasn't too worried, I assumed either a preorder or I'd bought a book in my sleep. Still reading the same Curran novel. It's good, other than one character I want to see die horribly. Luckily, since it's Tim Curran...he will. As an author he gives good fanservice. *grin* That's all I've got right now, I'll ramble more later/tomorrow. Ciao, and watch out for haunted cruise ships.

hughcasey August 22 2014, 16:02

My tweets

clauderainsrm posted to therealljidol August 22 2014, 14:44

Green Room - Week 19 - Day 1

There are days when I wonder what it would be like to grow up today. Just take my teen years and transplant it into what is going on with the world now and see what would happen.

Now I know. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/summerville-police-arrest-student-for-writing-he-shot-dead-dinosaur/story-fnjco7gt-1227032120282

There was quite a bit going on last night.

We had Results: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/773033.html
The new Topic: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/773244.html
The new Work Room: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/773455.html
and of course the 100 Weeks announcement, with a surprise 151 announcement tucked in there as well! http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/772809.html
miintikwa August 22 2014, 12:53


So, between helping C with the dinner yesterday and all the walking and trying on clothes I did, I am sore and beat. On the plus side, I found a fantastic bathing suit that fit really well and felt sexy on me for fourteen bucks. I could not beat that deal with a stick. I am pretty giddy about that and the gorgeous green maxi dress I got. :D

Clothes are a fraught issue for me, because I am still overweight enough that I don't feel sexy a lot of the time. But those things made me feel good, so yay.

Woke up with a story scene in my head. I don't even know what to do with all these story ideas. This one came to me as a play. I'm thinking a one-act play, but crap. I haven't written one of those since I was in high school. I don't know what to do with it. -.-

Plus, I am determined to finish book 3 before I do anything else. Which, naturally, makes Miss Fickle Muse all the more interested in flinging ideas at me. *sigh* Fickle blasted muses.

Anyway. Need to vacuum and do dishes, and I think clean the kitty fountain. And Mom will call eventually, though it's too hot for the things I was considering. The museum is outside, and there is a heat advisory, so I think we shall avoid that. Perhaps we'll go wander the mall or something. Low key sounds like a plan, but I've no clue what that could constitute here. Eh. I've time to figure it out. For now, I am going to get the cleaning out of the way.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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wordsmith101 August 22 2014, 12:08

The Five Obstacles Self-Publishers MUST Overcome – Part 5

Originally published at Sherry D. Ramsey. You can comment here or there.

typewriterOne more hard truth, fellow self-publishers, and then I’ll stop haranguing you.

Obstacle #5 – You, the Author

This might sound harsh, but all the other obstacles we talked about really stem from one source—the author. Here’s what a lot of authors miss:

Self-publishing does not mean that you can, must, or should do it all yourself.

I think that’s what trips us up. You may be passionate about doing things your way, sticking it to the “gatekeepers,” or just sharing your story with the world. But don’t lose sight of the fact that publishers do not do everything themselves, either. They use editors. They use cover artists. They use book designers. They use marketers. They use people who are trained in these skills, and like it or not, your book is competing with those books for readers’ money and attention.

Yes, it’s possible to do all those things yourself, and do them all well. Maybe you can. But don’t expect to. Don’t assume you can. Instead, assume you have to educate yourself. You have to learn how to do these things, all of these things, well. And you have to accept that sometimes your best effort will not be enough, and you’re going to need help.

Let’s face it, as writers, we all have to have a touch of ego. We want to tell our stories. We want others to listen. We admit, by the mere fact of writing, that we believe we have something to say. But that ego can be our downfall. It tells us we can make a good book cover—or one that’s “good enough”–with no training or experience at all. It tells us that our writing is pretty darn good without any expensive and time-consuming editing. It tells us that if only we shout and shout and shout about our book enough, make our work “discoverable” enough, people will listen and feel compelled to read it, because it’s just that good.

That ego lies. Don’t trust it. View everything it says with suspicion. Assume you can’t do all those things yourself, and educate yourself if you’re determined to try. There’s a much better chance then that I’ll buy your book, and not put it down after the first five pages. And that other readers will follow suit.

The best news in all of this is that it’s not too late. Even if you’ve made one or more of these blunders, thrown these obstacles up in front of your potential readers, you can fix it. You can upload a new cover for an ebook. You can rewrite and change your blurb. You can upload an edited version of your story. You can start promoting more (or less!) or more effectively. You can decide to educate yourself or get help in the areas where your skills are lacking. If you’re in this for the long game, it’s never too late to improve.

Good luck!

greensh August 22 2014, 03:35

An UnHappy Theme

Yesterday I was looking through my past postings for ideas and I searched for the keyword "happy".  I was surprised that the resulting postings were either tagged for my eyes only because they were VERY UNHAPPY or the posting was a happy birthday wish to somebody.  Gads.  I thought about that today and realized that on whole I am not happy.  I have moments of joy, but happiness eludes me most of the time.  I have to ponder this more...
clauderainsrm posted to therealljidol August 22 2014, 02:54

Work Room - Week 19

The new topic is up: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/773244.html

Something that I noticed from the past couple of weeks is that there have been entries that have been suffering from what seem like format or stylist choice issues.

In my mind, those are two different, but related, items.

A stylist choice would be if you decided


break up your words

because you liked the way that it

looked on the


A formatting problem would be if the system just did it for you by mistake.

We've had some of both - as well as people forgetting that unless you friend every single voter, if you don't make it public, they can't actually see it.

The last two are fixable.

That first one is a choice you are making...to stand out. Sometimes that will be in a good way...and sometimes it won't work out as well for you.

So what I throwing out there like creative chum - what choices have you made in the past with your formatting that have really worked for you, and what haven't? (you can also address this as a reader - what has caught your attention and what has just distracted from the flow of the piece?)
clauderainsrm posted to therealljidol August 22 2014, 02:53

Topic - Week 19

People have been asking "When is the first Intersection?" and I've been ignoring those questions. Why? Because I've felt like ignoring them!

Which has led to quite a bit of speculation that it was coming up soon.

This is NOT that week.

Instead, we have one topic.

That topic is:


and you have until Tuesday, August 26th at 8pm EDT to link your entries back to this thread!

Have fun!
clauderainsrm posted to therealljidol August 22 2014, 01:51

Results - Week 18

Going into this week, I said that three people would be leaving us.

I should have known that the voters would have a mind of their own on this.

There ended up being a 9-way tie - with one person being a single vote shy of making it a 10-person tie. (a couple votes away from the Redemption Tribe being made up of a huge chunk of contestants)

Unfortunately, there was that one person who was one vote short.

Which means we will be saying goodbye to them.

On the other hand - they are receiving the solo spotlight! (which will hopefully carry over to Home Gaming and coming back via Second Chance!)

Goodbye to crimsonplum

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